How To Turn Anger Into Love

A Spiritual Guide

About the Book

Although anger is an unpleasant emotion, it can teach you important lessons of love if you truly listen to its messages. How to Turn Anger into Love shows you how to transform irritability and anger into:

  • Loving relationships
  • Vibrant health
  • Self-esteem
  • Increased wealth
  • Authentic power
  • Restful sleep and peace of mind
  • Spiritual fulfillment

You will also learn how anger can be a pathway to creativity, compassion, present moment awareness, and a balanced life. Practical techniques of how to assertively communicate your feelings and needs without harming others are revealed. Discover the power and importance of positive self-talk, meditation, and good sleep habits to heal anger.



“A great book to help you transform anger into love, prosperity and happiness.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

“How to Turn Anger into Love shows that anger can be used as a pathway to find love, health, and overall success in life. Drs. Reshmi and Mahmood Siddique have done a wonderful job in showing how the emotion of anger can be transformed into a healing force.”

– Robert G. Allen, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Creating Wealth and Nothing Down



Here’s what reviewers are saying about “How to Turn Anger into Love”:

…How To Turn Anger Into Love: A Spiritual Guide is quite literally a “how to” manual for assertiveness in communicating one’s own feelings and needs without harming or threatening others. Dealing with anger in all its forms ranging from simple irritation to episodic rage, How To Turn Anger Into Love is enhanced for the reader with an “Anger Management Checklist” detailing step-by-step what must be done when angry, as well as an informative Afterword; a list of references for further study, and a “user friendly” index. How To Turn Anger Into Love is a welcome and confidently recommended addition to personal self-help/self-improvement reading lists.

– Midwest Book Review, Vol. 3, No. 9. September 2004.

…In a new approach to a misunderstood emotion, the authors focus on decoding anger’s messages and exploring the possibility that anger, mindfully used, can be a tool for growth into higher realms……..It’s unusual to find anger and spirituality explored in tandem, and the combination finds an effective, if simplified, presentation here. “Anger can act as a pathway to the core of our souls, which is unconditional love,” posit the authors…………Highlighting the concept that outward imbalances are reflections of inner issues, this book’s unique focus stems from “persuading your mind to believe that you are part of one, divine energy” while “gaining knowledge of … divinity through scientific information. It’s a unique and useful perspective for self-help shelves.

– ForeWord Magazine, September 2004

…Their explanations are thoughtful and insightful, and the appendix provides a useful summary of how to use all of the above. I found their descriptions of several different kinds of meditation particularly clear, some of the best I’ve seen…

– The Light Connection , July 2004, Southern California ’s Oldest Holistic Magazine

…Our health will become more vibrant from the exercises and information which is comprehensively laid out in this excellent book, as well as obtaining spiritual fulfillment and the ever-so-coveted peace of mind we yearn for while harboring resentments. I highly recommend this book for everyone whether or not you think you have a “problem with anger,” as we often walk through life confronted with this emotion that usually hits without warning. Now you will have the tools to deal with anything that crosses your path!

– Dr. Maryel McKinley, Awareness Magazine, September 2004, in Southern California ’s Largest Holistic Magazine

…An abundantly informative book that examines anger as a spiritual tool and teacher. Practical activities and techniques teach readers how to use anger for enhancing prosperity, creativity and balance.

– New Age Retailer, November/December 2004



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About the Authors

RESHMI M. SIDDIQUE, Ph.D., is a research scientist who has published extensively in the medical and public health fields. Educated at Oxford University and The London School of Economics, she resides in New Jersey with her husband Mahmood and their two children.

MAHMOOD I. SIDDIQUE, D.O., is a physician who trained at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. He is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He is also Director of the SleepCare Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, New Jersey. He was recently selected to be in the peer-nominated Best Doctors list in New Jersey.


Anger and Your Sleep Health

There is a direct relationship between how well you sleep and your threshold for irritation and anger. If you cannot sleep well whether it is because of insomnia or other sleep disorders, you will feel fatigued during the day and have little energy. As a result of this, there is a strong likelihood that you will feel irritated and angry even at the demands of a normal routine. Lack of sleep due to sleep disorders is also related to a host of illnesses such as heart disease, depression, a weakened immune system, risk of infections, heartburn, and impotence.

Although underlying sleep disorders can make you irritable and angry, you can also start a cycle of disturbed and insufficient sleep by harboring resentment and anger. A number of studies have confirmed that chronic insomnia is often due to suppressed anger. Depression is a very common reason for sleep disturbance. Note that depression is anger turned inwards. Any resentment can cause a downward spiral of insufficient sleep. The more anger you experience during the day, the more sleep difficulties you will face at night.

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