Autologous Fat Transfer

Before and after image of Autologous Fat Transfer procedure

Autologous fat transfer (AFT) is a procedure that includes harvesting a patient's fat and then using it for joint pain as well as fillers for unwanted facial lines. For facial rejuvenation, the AFT procedure can be used to reconstruct creases, droopy eyelids, thinning lips, diminishing jawline, and loss of facial volume. The fat harvested from the patient can be used to relieve joint pains due to age or injuries. This procedure is also known as fat augmentation, fat transfer, or fat injection. 


National Institution of Biotechnology Information’s publication “Percutaneous Fat Transfer to Treat Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms: Preliminary Results” follows research on the effectiveness of purified fat tissue injection into the knee joint of patients with symptomatic osteoarthritis. The study concludes that this nonsurgical treatment produced durable improvement in pain and function of joints as all patients reported improvement in terms of severity of pain.  


The processed and decanted subcutaneous fat is adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC)  that can heal and improve automated joint function. ADSC can produce several growth factors that can stimulate hair growth and treat skin aging.   

Autologous Fat Transfer is a non-surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor and recipient site. A narrow cannula is used to harvest fat from the body through the small insertion. The fat is then cleansed and separated. After, the fat is injected into the desired joints and/or deep facial wrinkles to increase volume. AFT has minimal risk with rare bruising or swelling. Although every patient is different, AFT is very safe as the fat is harvested from the patient’s own body which eliminates the possibility of developing an allergy or rejecting the material. 

Depending on the number of joints, plans for facial or hair rejuvenation, the procedure can take up to 3 hours. Scientists have seen results within two weeks. Autologous Fat Transfer is simple, rapid, and a natural option to yield the best results for pain as well as cosmetic needs. 


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Anuva Nabiha Anuva is a Boston University undergraduate studying neuroscience in the premedical track. She believes in the importance of mental health in the healthcare system and wants to focus on overcoming the bias against BIPOC in medical science.

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