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Moderate to severe crow’s feet lines before and after bro-tox treatments.

When you hear ‘botox’, you think of women getting plastic surgery. Most people believe that botox is a treatment made for women. However, men age too. Fine lines and crow’s feet aren’t restricted to women, and the number of men using botox has increased dramatically over the last decade. Botox, now more than ever, is an option in cosmetics for men as well as women.

Botox is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, being approved in 78 countries and having been extensively studied by the medical community for other beneficial effects, such as migraine relief. 

While most people have heard of botox, not too many people know what botox actually is. Well, botox are injections of onabotulinumtoxinA into different areas of the face that temporarily minimize fine lines and wrinkles. These develop upon repeated contraction of facial muscles, to the point that they lose the ability to relax properly, and botox attacks this directly, relaxing the muscles in the applied area and improving one’s appearance. It does this by blocking the signals from nerves to muscles in that area, making the muscle unable to contract. This is an example of neuromodulation, or altering nerve activity, for a desired effect. 

The actual treatment is very simple. The injection is made with a fine needle to the area of interest and doesn’t even require anesthesia. Results should be visible within a week and last anywhere from 3-6 months. While mild headaches may occur days after the operation these are rare and fleeting.


For many men, the reason to get botox is the same reason women started to get it: we live in a world where appearance is everything. A lot of professions are appearance based and in the battle against age, age is still undefeated. Getting injections to improve the appearance of the inevitable lines of aging skin allows anyone, regardless of sex, to generate more revenue than the older counterparts. It is also important to talk to a professional about getting “bro”-tox since the doses are very different for men than they are for women, and a lot of individual factors need to be taken into account. 


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Tirtho Banerjee Tirtho Banerjee is a Johns Hopkins undergraduate studying to become a doctor. He believes medicine should be available to everyone and hopes that educating the public is the first step to realizing that.

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