Cavitation Liposuction

Cavitation liposuction procedure

While a perfect diet and frequent exercise can assist your fat loss efforts, there’s always those areas where the fat never seems to go away, no matter how much you run or how little food you consume. This is known as ‘stubborn fat’, or the fat content of your body that was determined early in life and is much more difficult to deal with than fat added on through unhealthy practices. Luckily, there are more innovative treatments for dealing with stubborn and excess fat that make use of the body’s natural mechanisms. 


Cavitation liposuction is a procedure that makes use of its namesake ultrasonic cavitation. While it does have liposuction in the name, cavitation liposuction is very different. While normal liposuction is an invasive treatment that uses a cannula and tube to literally suction out fat, cavitation liposuction is minimally or non-invasive, depending on the treatment. This flexibility comes from the technology used in the cavitation process.


The cavitation procedure involves sending ultrasound waves into the skin. These waves cause fat deep in the skin to vibrate, and the fatty cells break apart from each other and from the skin. This dislodged fat is then naturally filtered out by the body’s lymphatic system within days, or can be suctioned out much more easily than with normal, unassisted liposuction. 


There are many benefits to using ultrasonic cavitation. By being less invasive than normal liposuction, it reduces downtime and possible side effects. Patients can leave immediately after treatment, and any redness or bruising that may occur is minimal and goes away quickly. Further, since the ultrasound is delivered using a simple handpiece it can be used almost anywhere on the body, so it can get rid of stubborn fat even in awkward locations. 


Studies have been done to test the efficacy of ultrasound on getting rid of fat tissue. In studies where ultrasound was used on its own and in conjunction with radiofrequency (which can also be used in conjunction with liposuction), it was found that there was less fat, and also that the fat existed in smaller clumps. So, not only does cavitation help the body get rid of fat, it makes it easier to get rid of any leftover fat through other means. While more studies need to be done to fully test the capabilities of ultrasound, it is definitely a promising alternative to unassisted liposuction.


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How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work to Remove Fat? (

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