With new technologies and minimally invasive procedures, doctors can work with skin tightening in a shorter duration, lesser cost, and maximum outcome. These new technologies are designed to be safer both during and after the procedure. FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure that addresses various skin problems by initiating collagen production, tightening lax skin, and melting unwanted fat under the skin. Unbelievably, this procedure is done under local anesthesia and one tiny prick is used to insert a probe. The procedure takes about an hour. FaceTite is also proven to drive benefits when used after liposuction in the facial area to tighten the skin.

       FaceTite is one of the most successful skin contouring procedures in terms of safety and advancement in technology. As a non-surgical procedure, many risks that include complications due to surgery, are already out of the way. Compared to a surgical procedure that may yield facial rejuvenation, FaceTite addresses the same issues in a refined procedure. The radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to heat deeper tissue to aim fat tissue. The use of RF technology to tighten the skin ensures a reduced risk of sepsis, scarring, bruising, as well as the least amount of pain.

       The dual temperature technology used in FaceTite provides greater safety, and control. The problems that FaceTite addresses does not require damage to the tissue at the cellular level. Thus that the healing process is reduced. Although, there is minimal tenderness and swelling due to the procedure. Patients can return to their normal life after a few days of the treatment. As the procedure takes only an hour, this can be done in an office visit, requiring no night stays or preparations to go under general anesthesia. The best thing about this procedure is that the results last about five years, depending on the patient’s lifestyle, age, and other skin conditions.

        The area addressed during the procedure is treated with 100% energy concentration. The directional thermal field provides fat clotting and tissue restructure. Therefore, the results can be seen right after the procedure. When the redness and swelling heals, the results are more prominent, which only enhances in the proceeding six months to a year. The results have consistently proven to yield collagen and elastin fibers regeneration that helps the skin repair from within.

         FaceTite is most ideal for patients within the age range of 35 to 55. A consultation with the doctor is necessary as these patients must have mild to moderate tissue laxity. Any contraindications of this procedure can be discussed with the doctor as each patient’s skin condition is drastically different. The cost of this procedure also varies depending on skin laxity, the number of the treated areas, other procedures performed concurrently.

          FaceTite is FDA approved and clinically proven to allow incredible outcomes. Compared to other surgical options, FaceTite is less expensive, with very little downtime than if the patient has a facelift surgery. The pain is also minimal due to local anesthesia and minimum invasion.

           If you have further questions about the FaceTite procedure or want to schedule an appointment, call our office at (609) 587-9944 or e-mail us at info@sleep-wellness.org.









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