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Intermittent Fasting A New Quick Mode of Weight Loss


The great solution to weight loss is here, and it is: fasting. Now, this seems obvious, that stopping eating would result in a loss of weight. However, regular fasting, while resulting in weight loss, is damaging to the body. However, if controlled and done at specific times, fasting can still be effective in losing weight and also be healthy. This practice is known as intermittent fasting, and has actually been practiced in modified forms for a very long time.

Intermittent fasting works in 1-2 day-long cycles of intermittent eating/fasting. For example, a popular cycle is a 16/8 cycle, where 16 hours of a 24-hour period is spent fasting and the other 8 are spent eating at one’s leisure. Some other variations are a 19/5 cycle, or even the longer 24/24 cycle which has shown significantly less success than the 24-hour cycles. Compounding this fasting with high-intensity workouts gives an astoundingly quick way to lose weight. It is important to note, though, that everyone’s body is different so the cycle used, foods eaten, and other treatments being compounded along with intermittent fasting may differ from person to person.

While intermittent fasting is difficult to adjust to, both from a physical standpoint but also from the development of mental discipline to stay away from sugary foods and refined grains. However, over the long term, this practice shows great results. Not only was the weight consistent in diagnosed prediabetic men in a study done by the University of Alabama, but also, the men who practiced intermittent fasting showed increased appetite, increased insulin sensitivity, and lower blood pressure. These men were becoming healthy and they weren’t starving to do it.

While the exactments of intermittent fasting are non-existent due to the youth of its popularity, it shows great promise and is definitely something to consider when you need to lose weight.

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