KeraLase for Hair Loss due to Aging and Androgenetic Alopecia

How can KeraLase stimulate regrowth of hair?

     Hair loss essentially results from the loss of balance between the time spent in each stage of the hair follicle growth cycle. With premature cessation of the growth (anagen) stage or the premature start of the degenerative (catagen) stage, the concerned region of skin will subsequently consist of primarily catagen or telogen (resting stage) follicles that will shed within days. In alopecia areata for example, inflammatory cells target the hair bulb during the anagen stage, damaging the proliferating cells and thereby causing hair loss. Hair loss therapies, such as KeraLase, aim to manipulate the hair follicle cycle to stimulate hair growth.

     KeraLase is a two-step treatment that firstly uses the Lutronic Ultra laser to optimize the scalp for absorption. The second step is massaging the physician provided KeraFactor Peptide (KFP) complex topical serum into the scalp. KeraFactor contains five bio-identical growth factors as well as two skin proteins for enhancement of scalp and hair health. These growth factors and protein peptides are transported in a nanoliposome carrier for dermal absorption. While the serum consists of hair stimulating molecules already found in the dermis, the concentration in the serum is much higher and with the increased penetration into the skin via the nanoliposome carrier, the anagen stage of hair growth can be restimulated, thus promoting development of healthy and fuller hair.

What does a typical treatment session look like?

   Prior to the KeraLase treatment, it is common to use a non-ablative thulium laser known as Ultra. This 1927 nm laser introduces microchannels in the superficial layers of the dermis for heightened penetration of the KeraLase serum and better results.

   The physician will then disinfect the area(s) chosen for treatment and apply the KeraLase serum. The serum will then be gently massaged into the scalp for a quick, painless, and relaxing experience. One session has a duration of less than 10 minutes and treatment typically lasts around 3 months, depending on the patient and the extent of hair loss.

Is there anything patients should know about the KeraLase treatment?


Yveeka Marcellus Yveeka graduated from Drexel University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and is currently applying herself for the upcoming medical school application cycle. She aspires to become an empathetic physician who her patients trust wholeheartedly.

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