November 2016 Newsletter

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

The holidays are great opportunities to take a break from our daily lives and catch up with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company. They can also stress us physically, emotionally and spiritually with all the hustle and bustle and preparation. The holidays can also sabotage healthy eating and exercise routines. However with some preparation and planning they don’t have do and you can enjoy them without having regret in January.

Foremost, simplify as much as possible. Instead of making large sit down meals, plan a buffet with some foods you can make ahead of time or maybe have catered. You can also have a potluck with people bringing their favorite dishes. Then you can actually spend time with your guests, enjoying their company instead of spending the day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

When preparing food, look for more healthful alternatives and recipe swaps where you can substitute better options for problematic ingredients. Even traditional feasts have good options. Turkey is a good low fat protein. Just don’t drown it in gravy. Fill up on salad so you have less room for higher calorie foods. Just don’t deprive yourself completely which could ultimately lead to sabotaging yourself later.

Make sure you make time for exercise and also some solitude to nurture your spirit. If you are away or can’t get to your regular routine, getting a group together for a nice walk after meals is a nice way to do both. If you find yourself stressed or having negative thoughts you definitely have to take time out for yourself to regroup.

Also take time to reflect on what the holidays mean for you. Make time for gratitude for what you have in your life and maybe give time or gifts to those who are less fortunate. In giving we receive so much more in return. Look towards the New Year for bringing positive intentions to fruition. Affirm health and prosperity and good things for yourself and those you love. Happy Holidays!

Mahmood Siddique Board certified physician Mahmood I. Siddique, DO, FACP, FCCP, FAASM, takes a modern, holistic approach to caring for his patients at Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates in Hamilton, New Jersey. He believes medicine is most effective when it considers not just the patient’s symptoms, but the broader connections among their overall physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.

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