RF Skin Tightening with TempSure Envi®

Tempsure treatment

It is inevitable that with age the condition of the skin gets worse. Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet all develop due to the decrease of collagen and elastin in the skin that is natural with age. In general, the skin becomes looser and less taut. The use of radiofrequency energy has revolutionized many cosmetic procedures, and this is no different. With TempSure, radiofrequency can now be used to give you optimal skin tightening results.  


Before getting into the procedure itself, it's necessary to break down the roots of skin aging. With age, the density of elastin and collagen in the skin decrease. Collagen makes up most of a person’s skin, and thus is vital as a structural protein not only there, but also in muscles and bones. Elastin, as it’s named, is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. When we’re young, we can furrow our brow, or smile, and when we stop, our face goes back to its normal position. It's the effect of these two proteins that allows this snap-back property of the skin. The body produces less and less of these proteins with age, however, so the snap-back effect goes away and the grooves from smiling and raising eyebrows don’t go away anymore. While this decrease is natural with age, other factors such as smoking and sun damage also speed up this ‘aging’ of the skin. 

The treatment itself is fairly simple. A handpiece is pressed against the skin, and gently delivers radiofrequency energy into the skin. This energy heats up the applied area of the skin, and stimulates collagen already present to contract, as well as the body to make more collagen and remodel the dermal framework to tighten the skin. It is important to note that all of these benefits take time to fully appear, as they are processes of the body. Optimal results are usually seen 3-5 months after initial treatment.


While Envi is ideal for working on facial areas such as the forehead and around the eyes and mouth (i.e. crow’s feet and smile lines), there is an alternate treatment that can be used to tighten skin around the body as well. Known as the TempSure Firm, this handpiece can heat up the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks. So, no matter where the change needs to be made, there is a TempSure treatment that can handle it.


Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime and the procedure itself causes little to no pain for the patient. As mentioned before, multiple treatments are necessary to get optimal results, and these results take time to show as this makes use of the body’s capacity for change. A benefit of this treatment is that it works for all skin types, so anyone looking for younger skin is an ideal candidate for treatment.


If you have any questions about this treatment, or want to schedule an appointment, call our office at (609) 587-9944 or e-mail us at info@sleep-wellness.org.





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Tirtho Banerjee Tirtho Banerjee is a Johns Hopkins undergraduate studying to become a doctor. He believes medicine should be available to everyone and hopes that educating the public is the first step to realizing that.

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