Sleep and Wellness Announces New Staff and Services For Our Patients

Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates is proud to announce that starting on March 1, 2013,  will be expanding its extensive list of patient services with the help of two new additions to our staff. We are welcoming Molly Fisher, DPT and Beverly Hodsden, MA, LPC, LCADC as full-time members of our practice.  Thanks to their expertise, Sleep and Wellness will now be offering:

Sleep and Wellness is excited to be offering these new services to our patients.  We look forward to helping all who come through our door to live fuller, happier, and healthier lives.

Welcome our new staff members!

Molly Fisher

Molly Fisher, DPT, founder of a Yoga-Pilates based Physical Therapy approach, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. She has since worked in a variety of settings including hospital and rehabilitation as well as outpatient-based hand and orthopedic specialties.

Dr. Fisher is a Pilates instructor certified through Body Arts and Science International, a contemporary approach to Pilates that focuses on current evidenced-based research. She is also a certified Spanda yoga instructor with a philosophy based on traditional Hatha yoga. Asana, vinyasa, pranayama (breath work), and relaxation techniques are used in treatment sessions. In addition, she has had over ten years ofexperience as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with teaching experience in spinning, aerobics, step, toning and aquatics.

Dr. Fisher’s Pilates-Yoga Based Physical Therapy Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to healing.  It’s foundation is built on the natural kinetic movement of the body, mindfulness, and current evidence-based physical therapy. She has integrated her extensive background and experience in Pilates, yoga, fitness, and physical therapy in a unique way to treat the whole person. 

Beverly Hodsden

Beverly Hodsden completed her Masters Degree in counseling in 1988 at Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey).  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.  Beverly has completed courses in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Albert Ellis Institute in New York.  She has over twenty years of experience working with youth, adults and families in both mental health and addictions.  Beverly’s current interests are working with trauma and addiction, vicarious traumatization and spirituality.


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Mahmood Siddique Board certified physician Mahmood I. Siddique, DO, FACP, FCCP, FAASM, takes a modern, holistic approach to caring for his patients at Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates in Hamilton, New Jersey. He believes medicine is most effective when it considers not just the patient’s symptoms, but the broader connections among their overall physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.

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