Vaginal Rejuvenation Using AccuTite Precision Contraction and Potenza Micro Needling Radiofrequency

Vaginal Rejuvenation Using AccuTite Precision Contraction and Potenza Micro Needling Radiofrequency Technologies

How can radiofrequency (RF) techniques in Accutite and Potenza treatments aid in vaginal rejuvenation?

          Radiofrequency (RF) techniques are minimally invasive procedures used as an alternative to traditional surgical labiaplasties. Temperature controlled RFs applied to vaginal wall stimulates an inflammatory response, leading to proliferation of glycogen-rich epithelium, neovascularization, and collagen formation through heat. Maintaining the temperature between 40°C–45°C induces fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin while impeding the production of scar tissue. Furthermore, collagen in the body is denatured and then regenerated over the span of 3-4 months, increasing the strength of collagen and elastin fibers, contributing to long-term tightening of the vaginal tissue.

          AccuTite is a precision contraction technique that uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology. Heat is delivered to small and delicate areas of the body to reduce excess fat and enhance skin contraction.


          Potenza uses RF in conjunction with Tiger Tip technology to tighten and firm the skin while reducing blemish. RF technology induces the regeneration of collagen and elastin while Tiger Tip technology allows physicians to perform both shallow and deep treatments to the skin simultaneously and tailor these treatments to an individual’s skin type. Overall, the skin has a younger, firmer, and smoother appearance and texture for a more radiant complexion. This treatment can be used on all skin types, anywhere on the body, and anytime of the year. 


What is the advantage of RF techniques over surgical methods for labiaplasty?


What does a typical treatment session look like?

          AccuTite and Potenza will both be used sequentially in one visit. First, the physician will apply local anesthesia to the treatment area to decrease pain and discomfort. The vaginal rejuvenation treatment then uses AccuTite for precision fat reduction and skin contraction that allows for youthful appearance of labia majora, minora and pubic area. Afterwards, Potenza’s Tiger Tip technology in conjunction with RF energy will be implemented to tighten and firm the internal and external aspects of vaginal tissue. The downtime is minimal and requires patients to rest for the remainder of the day after the treatment and then they may resume normal activities the following day. Noticeable results will be seen in 6 weeks and are optimal 12 weeks after treatment.


Is there anything patients should know about this treatment option?




Yveeka Marcellus Yveeka graduated from Drexel University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and is currently applying herself for the upcoming medical school application cycle. She aspires to become an empathetic physician who her patients trust wholeheartedly.

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