Vitamins and Minerals That Help Your Skin


Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients. Vitamin D improves bone strength, while Vitamin C boosts the immune system. However, many of the vitamins and minerals we use for our body actually have various beneficial effects on the skin.

There are many vitamins that help maintain the skin and slow its aging. Vitamin A is great for the skin since it reduces oil, enhances collagen, and reduces inflammation. Taking Vitamin B is a great protection agent, as it deals with skin issues like eczema and acne, both being very common. Vitamin C is great for outdoorsy types, protecting the skin from the sun and from pollutants. It also helps in limiting pigmentation and improving collagen production, furthering its anti-aging effects. Vitamin E works best as a moisturizer but also helps inflammation and can improve the effectiveness of other skin care products. Vitamin K regulates blood flow and clotting, and as such is particularly effective around the eyes, minimizing dark circles and puffy eyes.

Many minerals are not only important for bodily functions, but also keep your skin looking great. You may recognize Zinc Oxide from your sunscreen, because it plays a large part in protecting the skin from UV-rays. Zinc itself is very similar to Vitamin A in terms of its benefits, and Sulfur acts as a skin antibiotic. Copper is good for maintaining collagen levels and anti-aging. Omega-3 fatty acids helps flaky and dry skin.

Since skin conditions occur at all stages of life, it’s important to always look to sources of vitamins and minerals that help to improve health and maintain soft and beautiful skin.

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