Are you wondering if there is a way to revitalize your lips, making them look more full and vibrant? The last four years have shown a significant increase in the popularity of lip augmentation, and the lip fillers of today are capable of dramatically enhancing your lips without the negative side effects or risks from previous treatment options. 

There are various types of lip injections one can choose from, each having their own risks and benefits. In addition, varying lip fillers are created for different aspects of lip augmentation, like smoothing the lines around the lips, improving the shape of the lips, or even increasing the volume of lips. 

Although an experienced doctor is the best person to advise you on the proper treatment option for your specific needs, it is still wise to have some background knowledge prior to consultation. Check out this comparison among some of the most popular lip injections available today: 


Best For: Softening and smoothing lip lines 

Duration: Up to 1 year 

The smooth gel consistency of Volbella works to soften the lines and wrinkles above, below, and on the lips for a natural-looking feel. As opposed to those that just add volume, this is a great filler to add more structure and definition to your lips. The key for Volbella is that it is formulated with a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid, allowing for a 
more subtle and natural result. 



Best For: Plumping the lips (increasing volume), enhancing the horizontal 
spread of the lip (rather than lifting) 

Duration: 9 months to 1 year 

As opposed to Volbella, Juvederm Ultraplus XC is excellent at increasing lip volume. You will be able to achieve more prominent and luscious lips that are still soft to the touch. As a soft filler, this is a great entry level product to see how your lips can be transformed. It can also be used to shape and enhance the lip line. One milliliter will generally suffice for upper and lower lip enhancement combined. The “XC” denotes that the filler contains 0.3% of crystalized lidocaine, as a numbing agent for the lips as it is injected. 



Best For: Lifting the lips and enhancing shape (provides subtle lip volume) 

Duration: 6 to 9 months 
As the first FDA-approved filler for the lips, Restylane-L is great for patients who desire sharper definition along the borders of their lips as opposed to simply increasing volume. Restalyne-L has a relatively high viscosity, or thickness, which helps to maintain shape. The “L-” means that the Restylane also has 0.3% of lidocaine to numb the lips as it is injected. The results of Restylane-L appear are natural appearing while increasing structure and volume.

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