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Microneedling with PRP


Before and After of Microneedling Treatment with PRP. Taken from

Toughness Today, Smoother Skin Tomorrow

PRP. You might have heard about it being used in sports medicine since the 1990s, but platelet-rich plasma is becoming part of treatments that induce collagen production in the skin, making it smoother and younger-looking.

Now, to describe this technique properly, it is important to talk about microneedling. Microneedling is a commonly used technique to induce natural collagen production in which tiny needles puncture the top layer of the skin. This puncturing of the skin stimulates the lower layers of the skin to synthesize collagen among compounds that improve the texture of the skin - smoothing out wrinkles, acne scars, and pores that develop over time as aging skin loses its collagen levels.

This treatment method uses microneedling coupled with addition of platelet-rich plasma, one of the components of the blood. Before microneedling, some of the patient’s blood is taken. The blood is then centrifuged to separate the plasma from red blood cells. After microneedling, the isolated platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood is then applied to the skin, leading to better results than just the microneedling.

In a study with middle-aged women,

100% of patients given the PRP with

microneedling rated their results as at

least “good,” whereas the control

group only had 16% of patients giving

such a rating

Journal of cosmetic dermatology. 2016 Jan; Volume 15

(4), pp.434-443.

Dubbed “liquid gold” by doctors, platelet-rich plasma has miraculous effects on the body. When parts of the body are in disrepair, platelets are sent to the area and have a large impact on the growth of the damaged area, stimulating collagen production, formation of blood vessels and other fibers.

PRP has also been used to stimulate hair growth in individuals experiencing hair loss and alopecia. The rejuvenation of the skin on which PRP is applied is enough not only to increase the number of hairs produced, but also strengthen the hairs and thicken the skin of the scalp.

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