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TempSure ENVI™



What is it?

  • TempSure sends radiofrequency waves into the upper layer of the skin called epidermis. The waves generate enough heat to stimulate collagen production. This will tighten the skin and eliminate any signs of wrinkles or fine lines, leaving you with younger-looking skin


What are the benefits?

  • Non-invasive
  • Tightens skin on a variety of areas on the face
  • Works on all skin types
  • Natural-looking and long-lasting results


Are there any risks?

  • Mild redness in affected area (usually resolved within hours of treatment)


How long does the treatment take?

  • Treatment time is 5 minutes per area on the face full face treatment takes approx 50 minutes. Body areas are treated for a total of 15 minutes.Optimal results can be seen after 6 weeks.


What is the downtime after treatment?

  • There is no downtime, so you can walk out of our office and get on with your day!