Age related skin issues can take a huge toll on our appearance and self confidence. Did you know that we all lose about 4 grams of volume from our faces every year after we reach 40 years of age? Skin folds, sagging, wrinkles, and a general loss of bone density in the face are some of our main worries as we get older. However, neuromodulators (like Botox) and dermal fillers have been battling the results of age-related physical changes for years, and they have improved significantly over time.
The reason we lose the volume from our faces is actually due to the natural process of losing small amounts of muscle, bone mass, fat, and skin as we age. It is actually an amalgamation of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may accelerate the slowing down of key processes and functions in the skin. In any case, this slowing down of key skin functioning over time is what causes the most visible and obvious signs of aging. As we lose our facial volume, skin wrinkling, folding, and sagging may occur along with loss of contour in general. Simply filling in the folds around the mouth and jaw may not provide the best path to revitalizing your face. At Innova Medi-Spa, we use a combination of soft tissue dermal fillers, Botulinum toxin, and Polydioxanone (PDO) threads to create a non-surgical face lift option that has no down time and can be received at a fraction of the cost of its surgical counterpart. This liquid facelift allows for very natural results by lifting the middle of the face and bringing back volume that has been lost, leading to a reduction in the folds of skin by the mouth, eyes, and jowls. This non-surgical approach to facelifting can provide:

  • Mid face lift of cheeks

  • Increased contour of the face that has diminished due to age

  • Reduction of wrinkles or other folds of skin

  • A healthy and well-rested appearance

  • A warmer, more aesthetically pleasing smile with improved angles of the mouth


The level of firmness or thickness of your skin is of great significance when considering your dermal filler treatment. If your skin is very elastic, thin, or fragile, you may not receive the outcome you would expect. In these cases, we have an option to improve your skin’s firmness and thickness. It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure with our Tempsure Envi machine, which is a radiofrequency that produces and promotes new collagen production. This can be performed with or before the Liquid Facelift. The Tempsure uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the skin's underlying tissues, thus stimulating biological collagen remodeling and increased production of elastin as well.


The more we lose facial fat and volume, the support structure that gives our faces contour loses strength and skin gradually sags down. The eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, neck, and skin around our eyes are very common victims of this effect, and the result of this drooping of the skin is a visibly older-looking face.

If you are interested in a means of lifting this type of loose facial skin but do not want the hardships that come along with surgery, consider a “Threadlift” using PDO threads. This involves the placement of fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads (similar to medical sutures) under the skin using small needles. The threads are absorbed over time and are naturally replaced with collagen, adding volume and lifting the facial skin. Although plastic surgery has previously been the option of choice for lifting one’s face, the Threadlift is one of a few new, nonsurgical options that have the ability to lift and redefine loose skin on the face, neck and almost any part of the body. The Threadlift is an effective and noninvasive treatment to lift skin, especially for patients that do not want surgery and/or only need minimal to moderate facial augmentation. All in all, PDO threads, neuromodulators, and dermal fillers in combination can provide a safe, natural, and near instant way to lift one’s face without actual surgery.

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