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Physical Therapy




At Sleep and Wellness Physical Therapy, each individual is assessed and treated in a holistic and comprehensive manner that incorporates the tenants of our philosophy.

  • Evidence-based physical therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Patient education

Pilates-Yoga based Physical Therapy is founded on the idea that a patient centered, movement-oriented approach to physical therapy can offer patients an unrivaled possibility for recovery.

Benefits of Pilates-Yoga Based Physical Therapy:

  • Balances strength and flexibility
  • Increases core strength and flexibility
  • Improves postural dysfunction
  • Low-impact on joints
  • increases joint range of motion
  • improves neuromuscular coordination
  • improves balance and coordination
  • mindfulness of body movements


Patients Experience the Difference

Sleep and Wellness Physical Therapy is unlike traditional physical therapy practices.

  • Patients will be seen by one physical therapist for the course of their treatment.
  • The time of treatment is 45 minutes of one-on-one care.
  • We rely on our diagnostic skills, manual therapy skills, and holistic approach to treat the entire body rather than simply treating the injured area.
  • Our rehabilitation exercise programs are individualized to patients specific injuries.
  • We give patients the time and attention they need for mindfulness of muscle activation and sequencing to prevent potentially dysfunctional movements.
  • Patients become an active participant in their care and recovery through patient education for maintenance and injury prevention.


Our Philosophy

At Sleep and Wellness Physical Therapy, patients are assessed, evaluated, and treated to correct inefficient or altered movement patterns that can cause pain. We teach each individual how to take an active role in recovery.

Patients will learn and identify muscles and movement patterns that are limiting and how to retrain them. Move with improved awareness, learn to listen to your body , and take care of yourself. Active participation improves benefits and decreases recovery time and may prevent future injury through education.

Our doctorate-level Physical Therapist treats a number of orthopedic conditions:

  • Cervical and thoracic pain
  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Pelvic and spinal instability
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip and knee injuries or surgeries
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Sciatica
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries (e.g., fracture, sprain, strain, dislocation, total joint replacement, pre-and post operative joint condition)
  • Dance and sports injuries


Molly Fisher, DPT, founder of a Yoga-Pilates based Physical Therapy approach, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. She has since worked in a variety of settings including hospital and rehabilitation as well as outpatient-based hand and orthopedic specialties.

Dr. Fisher is a Pilates instructor certified through Body Arts and Science International, a contemporary approach to Pilates that focuses on current evidenced-based research. She is also a certified Spanda yoga instructor with a philosophy based on traditional Hatha yoga.  Asana, vinyasa, pranayama (breath work), and relaxation techniques are used in treatment sessions. In addition, she has had over ten years of experience as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with teaching experience in spinning, aerobics, step, toning and aquatics.

Dr. Fisher’s Pilates-Yoga Based Physical Therapy Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to healing.  It’s foundation is built on the natural kinetic movement of the body, mindfulness, and current evidence-based physical therapy. She has integrated her extensive background and experience in Pilates, yoga, fitness, and physical therapy in a unique way to treat the whole person.