Cellulite Removal



What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition where skin begins to look lumpy and dimpled often called “orange peel” skin as that is what it often looks like. It is when fat deposits push through connective tissue beneath the skin. Cellulite is actually a common occurrence as it affects about 90% of women and about 10% of men. Most women experience the effects of cellulite as they approach menopause due to the decline in estrogen levels. Hormonal changes result in alters circulation in the body, reducing collagen- structural proteins found in skin. Lower collagen levels combined with in increase of fat cells as well as changes in blood supply result in cellulite.

How do we treat cellulite?

TempSure Envi, a gentle new radiofrequency treatment that and improves the appearance of cellulite. It’s safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it fits perfectly into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.

No Surgery • No Needles No Downtime • Just Results!

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