Sculptra Aesthetic®


What is it?

  • Sculptra is a filler that uses poly L lactic acid (PLLA) to restore volume to the skin. Injection of PLLA stimulates new collagen formation, adding volume to the skin while restoring its youthful texture.

What are the benefits?

  • Minimally invasive
  • Can be used in multiple areas on the face
  • Breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, which are easily disposed
  • Natural-looking and long-lasting results

Are there any risks?

  • Mild redness and swelling

How long does the treatment take?

  • Treatment typically takes less than an hour. Optimal results are usually seen after 8-12 weeks.

What is the downtime after treatment?

  • There is no downtime, so you can walk out of our office and get on with your day!