PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a component of blood that can be used medically for its healing and rejuvenating capabilities. More specifically, PRP is a concentrated version of our own blood that has platelets and/or growth factors isolated in the plasma that influence growth and healing. It has been found that these factors can be used for:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Hair restoration
  • Joint restoration
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunction for males and females




The level of growth factors found in the PRP are higher than they would naturally be in the skin and body, so the concentration stimulates the growth of new cells. Once injected or applied to a treatment area, the promotion of new cells (hypertrophy) helps to influence a specific rejuvenating effect on the tissues in the area of interest, depending on the procedure. As mentioned earlier, in order to obtain the PRP, a patient’s blood is drawn and then spun in a container that separates the plasma from the rest of the blood. The concentrated plasma that has been separated is used for PRP, so there are no synthetic or artificial chemicals created in a lab that are being used. It is the patient’s own blood, plasma, and platelets that are used, allowing PRP to remain one of the only treatment options to use natural bodily resources for healing.




Patients who are older, have UV damage and collagen, damaged skin tissue will particularly benefit from PRP facial treatment. PRP can be used as an anti-aging solution on a long term basis, especially if starting at a young age because it stimulates the growth and regeneration of the cells over a long period of time, as opposed to waiting for the tissue to reach a point that is difficult to repair. Furthermore, PRP remains one of the few effective treatments for the lip lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth (nasiolabial folds) that is non-surgical, natural (uses your own blood), and causes little to no downtime. Patients with damage to their knees, wrists or other joints also benefit from the healing properties of PRP. PRP may be used to:

  • Influence thicker, smoother skin, reduce lines and wrinkles on any part of the body
  • Improve skin tone and quality
  • Influence healing and reduce complications of the joints
  • Influence growth of new hair for patients looking to counteract hair loss and/or thinning
  • Reduce size and appearance of scars from acne
  • Mitigate symptoms of male and female sexual dysfunction

Pregnant women are not recommended to receive this treatment, as well as patients with autoimmune diseases. Those being treated with anticoagulation medication, or those who have been diagnosed with cancer should also avoid this type of treatment.




Not all PRP is the same; there are two different methods of creating PRP. A centrifuge is used in both instances, but the nature of how the blood is manipulated to prepare the PRP solution is slightly different for each instance:

  • Single Spin, which utilizes entrapment of red blood cells (lower yield of concentrated platelets)
  • Dual Spin, which utilizes blood density for separation of red blood cells and components of platelets (higher yield of concentrated platelets)


The Single Spin Method produces PRP with about 1.5-2.5x the amount of platelets as baseline blood whereas the Dual Spin Centrifuge produces PRP with 5-7x the amount of platelets as baseline blood, therefore the Dual Spin method produces roughly 3x the amount of platelets as the Single Spin.

Patients may experience varied outcomes with PRP applications, and this is generally attributed to the way in which the PRP was prepared. The best results occur when PRP contains important growth factors, stem cells, and cytokines that increase healing capabilities, which are preserved by the Dual Spin method. Here at Sleep and Wellness, we create pure PRP with our state of the art Dual Spin Centrifuge, which is capable of producing the highest level of platelets per mL.



It depends on the procedure and the condition of the area of treatment. PRP uses your own platelets, working to build and heal your cells and tissues so the results are going to be natural and long lasting. In general, the healing doesn’t just occur the day of the procedure; once growth factors and stem cells are attracted to the area from injection, growth and repair continues for up to one to two months after the injection. In some ways you can expect the procedure’s results will be permanent, although still subject to the normal aging process over time.


Due to the natural and non-surgical approach of PRP, the procedure causes little to no downtime. The actual recovery period depends on the procedure or procedures performed. PRP may actually reduce total downtime when combined with other procedures due to its ability to enhance healing. Feel free to call and ask our staff to schedule an appointment if you are interested in any more specific details about PRP at (609) 587-9944.