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Facials Q & A



Facials are great ways to improve your skin tone with a smooth, relaxing experience. Our expert aesthetician with work with you to address your needs and formulate a treatment plan tailored for you. Facials can improve any skin impurities that is troubling you and it’s a simple, non-invasive technique with no downtime. We offer a number of facials for different skin types to rejuvenate your skin :

  • Acne facial- The exfoliation and steaming will be more intense, and extractions will definitely be performed. Clay masks, sebum absorbing, and acne fighting ingredients will be mainly used in this treatment.
  • Aging facial-This will be a more focused on revitalizing the skin and making the patient look more refined and youthful. Depending on the different skin concerns of the patient (wrinkles, sagging, age spots..ect.) it will be customized for that with different products, and will also include a more intense exfoliation treatment.
  • Sensitivity/Rosacea facial-This will be more focused on gel-based, cooling and soothing products. Exfoliation will be very light, if needed at all, and we will also be focused on rebuilding the barrier function of the skin, to reduce redness.
  • Hydration facial-This will focus on putting oil back into the skin, and making them look more radiant. Galvanic current may be used to push in the hydrating masks, and serums. Gel based creams, cleansers, and masks will be used to deeply hydrate.
  • Mattifying facial (for oily skin)-This can fall into the same category as the acne facial the only difference would be extractions may not always be necessary, and the main goal would be to control their oil content. But intense steaming and exfoliating will be used along with the sebum clearing products.
  • 30 Minute facial- For this the cleanse, and exfoliation will be 1 step combined, and then I will focus on whatever their main concern is such as acne, oil, dryness, or aging and do a targeted treatment to it, then a mask, and massage.
  • Back Facial- This includes a back wash, scrub, mask, and massage. It can also be treated like an acne facial just for the back as well.

*Individual Results May Vary