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Juvéderm Q & A

JUVEDERM is the #1 selling collection of hyaluronic acid fillers in the US. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance that delivers nutrients to the skin, helping the skin maintain moisture and softness and adding volume. Each product in the JUVEDERM collection of fillers adds volume to a different area of the face to lift cheeks, smooth parenthesis lines, pulp the lips or correct wrinkles and folds. The results are subtle and long-lasting. Results may last one year to two years, with optimal correction and depending on the formula used. Actual treatment with JUVÉDERM® injectable gels can take 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on which area of your face is being treated.

  • Instant results
  • Nonsurgical treatment
  • Natural looking long lasting results
  • In-office procedures

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*Individual Results May Vary